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How to Backup Google Calendar Automatically?

Using an email calendar is a common practice to complete tasks on time and be aware of things. Over the period, due to the user’s need, a requirement to back up Google Calendar arises. Calendar keep events, appointments, reminders, and many things handy for professionals. But after deciding on backup, the most crucial question is how? Please don’t panic about the solution; we have everything for you in this write-up!

How does Google Calendar backup help users?

  • By having data in the local drive, users can easily access data in their own space.
  • For data security purposes, users also back up Google Calendar.
  • In the time of accidental deletion, data recovery from a local storage device is easy.
  • If, after backup, you free up space from the Google Workspace storage, you can reduce your storage plan hence a cost-efficient step.

How to backup my Google calendar?

It is a common query of every Google Calendar user wishing for backup. In this write-up, we will know a manual and a professional way to backup Google Calendar automatically.

Manual Way for Google Calendar Backup:

If you back up the calendar, the backup will be in the .ics file format. Follow the below-given steps for this backup.

  • Select the calendar that you want to back up.
  • Now go to the settings (from the three dots) and then click on Settings and Sharing.

  • Give a name to it, add a description if you want to, and check for the time zone and set it if needed.

  • Click on the Export calendar to get your calendar in .ics file format.

Points you should be aware of before using the manual method:

The manual way provides a way to back up Google Calendar in .ics format, but it is not an absolute way. Some of the basic points that you should be aware of are given below:

  • You have to select and process each calendar one by one. If you have multiple accounts, then it is not suitable for you.
  • If you have a large size .ics, exporting may consume a lot of time.
  • You can’t export any particular entries from a calendar by this method.

Backup Google Calendar Automatically in A Professional Way:

No one wants to hassle with the manual way and compromise with the data when backing up. Hence, Weeom Software (A subsidiary of Shoviv Software) has developed a tool to provide an advanced and effortless backup solution to professionals. This utility is named “ Weeom Google Workspace Backup and Restore Solution” and it is boosted with multiple advanced features.

  • With this solution, you can backup Calendars and Contacts and Emails.
  • The tool also allows users to restore (export) to their Google Workspace account.
  • It is a job-based utility, and you can run multiple jobs simultaneously.
  • After creating a job, you can also schedule it for the future as needed. Using it, you will have Google Calendar Backup automatically.
  • You can also apply the filter based on the folder, date, and item type.
  • It has a default incremental backup facility that resumes the process from the last stop. There is no need to restart the process from the scrap.
  • Users also get free technical support as well as a free demo version of the software.

How to do Google Calendar Backup in an Advanced Way?

To backup Google Calendar automatically, you just have to follow the below-given steps:

  • Install and launch Weeom Google Workspace and Restore Tool.

backup google calendar

  • Now, create a project by connecting to G Suite. There is a “Source G Suite” option on the dashboard.
  • To connect to G Suite, provide a project name, email address, Service Account ID, and P12 path. To know more about them, click on the Read More.

backup calendar from Google

  • Now click on the Backup Directory to provide the inputs for the target. Provide a backup directory name and browse the location to save the backup of G Suite.

  • Click on the Backup Jobs to create backup jobs: give the job name, check the mailboxes, and click Create Backup Jobs.

backup google calendar events

  • As we have already created the backup directory, directly jump to the Filter page. Here, apply the filter as per the need. Our task is to back up the calendar only, so only check the Include Calendars box.

  • Now, click on Settings to apply settings as per the requirement. Here, you can also set the size for the resultant PST file using the Split PST Files option.

  • Here, you have two options: Start immediately and Job Schedule.

  • If you opt to schedule the job, you will be prompted to the Scheduler page. Set occurrence, frequency, and duration. Click Ok.

  • Finally, Google Calendar backup will start, and you will get a complete report of the process after completion.

So, this is how you can backup Google Calendar automatically and in an advanced way.

Over to you!

This write-up covers a complete guide on how to backup my Google Calendar in a manual way and with an automatic utility. The automated solution is boosted with advanced facilities and a user-centric process. Users also get a free trial version of the software that facilitates users to try and get satisfied before purchasing. Free technical support is also available to users for any software-related help.

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