Privacy Policy

Hereby, users are prompted to read the Privacy Policy before visiting the Weeom website. Here at, we acknowledge the privacy of visitors and users of The purpose of creating this Privacy Policy is to demonstrate Weeom's firm commitment to the privacy of our users. This Privacy Policy describes what User Information will be impenetrable by and how this information can be prescribed to operate their data. Hence, Weeom admires the privacy of its users and visitors who connect to and respectively use Weeom's software and other services.

Henceforth the words "Us", "We" and "Our" shall be used for the

Carefully read all factors of the Privacy Policy to know the collection, help, protection, and use of data when users use services and connect to the Weeom website.

We collect information...

  • When the user sets up an online order, it is collected to obtain the shared credentials between and the User. As a result, it can be a significant action for procurement formalities.
  • Weeom also considers the collected information to use for technical support. Weeom's technical expert team uses collected email IDs to answer users' queries.
  • Once the Notification Desk displays the granted permission, Weeom collects the email IDs to notify users about special discounts, new releases, updates, and new changes to Weeom's software and services.

Intent to collect and use user information:

  • The leading intention of collecting users' information is to provide and improve better services.
  • Using such attributes as First Name, Last Name, Email ID, and Contact Number, Weeom strives to take action for a quick and accurate solution to the users.
  • It becomes easier to identify users by collecting the contact information of existing users, the Weeom software they are using and the activities they are undertaking, and their investment history for future references.
  • Another intent is to obtain information to determine the users'country for business obedience, safety management, and prospective approaches.

Weeom keeps users' information confidential:

  • Weeom assures the security of users' information. never shares or discloses any user information to any third-party sites or with such sites.
  • provides security policies and reviews to oversee and protect collected users' data and information.
  • Our Privacy Policy follows industry-standard procedures to safeguard users' information from unauthorized access and any disclosure.
  • regularly scans for malware and viruses to prevent their behaviour when exploring the website and downloading products.