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How to Resolve the issue of error detected in the file OST?

Have you faced errors detected in the file OST while running Outlook while sending or receiving an email? If so, then this article will help you resolve this error. This technical article consists of methods which explain the process of resolving the error.

An OST file is important for Outlook users as it allows them to access the information/data, and without it, users will be unable to access their data. If the Outlook mailbox regularly shows problems in previewing the newer messages, then there is a chance of OST file corruption.
Do not worry; there are ways through which users can fix such errors, and this article will consist of such solutions.

What Makes Error Detected in the OST file?

It is important to know how Outlook will be unable to show the data to the users. Also, how the OST file get affected makes problems while retrieving the data. One of the advantages of the OST file is that it allows one to access the data offline; however, the errors detected in the file OST create a problem.

Before we tell you the exact reasons behind the error have been detected in the OST file, check out the symptoms of the occurrence of such an error.

Sign of Occurrence of Error Detected in the file OST

When Outlook starts creating problems when a user tries to access the data. In many cases, there is a chance of corruption in the file. So, let’s scroll down certain symptoms of Errors detected in the file OST:-

• Problem in sending and receiving emails in Outlook
• Outlook starts showing sluggishness while working on it.
• A sudden increase in the number of instances of Outlook crashes.
• New changes not reflecting in the OST file.
• Particular start missing out from the OST file.

We have listed several reasons that may be the problem behind the corruption in your OST file:-

• Force closure of the Outlook application while working on it.
• The availability of a bad sector in the hard drive increases the possibility of OST file corruption.
• If the system hits with a virus, the chances of the OST file corruption increase.
• Spike in the size of the OST file

We have concluded this is what causes problems for the OST file, and now its turns to showcase the solution to fix errors detected in the file OST.

How to Resolve the issue of error detected in the file OST?

Different solutions to fix error have been detected in the OST file, but here we have mentioned some of them. Now, we are introducing the first method to resolve the error.

Method#1: Restart and Open the Outlook in a Safe Mode

Due to faulty add-ins, Outlook starts showing sluggish performance. Sometimes, Outlook hangs as the user tries to access the data. Moreover, we have shared step-by-step instructions by the following users can remove the error from their OST file:-

Close the Outlook application and then restart the system in order to clean up the files that are causing problems.

Step 1: Open Outlook in Safe Mode

  • Press on the ctrl key on the keyboard and then click on the Outlook shortcut
  • In the prompt message, click on the Yes button to start the Outlook application in safe mode.
  • Now, users need to check whether there is any problem showing while accessing their data or not.

Step 2: Disabling of the Add-ins in the Outlook

  • Open Outlook, where you must go to the File and then options.
  • From the left side menu, select the Add-ins option.
  • Now, users need to go to the bottom of the page, click on the drop-down list, and choose COM Add-ins. Click on Go to continue.
  • After that, hit the OK button and restart Outlook to check whether it is working fine or not.

Method#2: Deletion and Re-creation of the Outlook Profile

This is another method that users can employ to resolve errors detected in the file OST. The steps to follow have been shared below:-

Before start following the listed steps to create the new Outlook profile; kindly delete the OST file, but make sure you have already taken a backup of it.

  • Kindly close the Outlook if it is opened.
  • Go to the control panel and search for Mails. Click on Mail, which will open a new window where you need to hit on Show profile.
  • Click on the Remove option in order to delete your existing Outlook profile.
  • In the same window, click on Add. After that, enter the new profile name and then click on OK.
  • In the end, enter all the details like your name, email address, password, etc.

If you are still having issues fixing the error, then you can follow the next listed approach.

Better Way to Resolve Error Detected in the File OST

Using the Weeom OST Repair tool is an excellent way to easily remove the error from the OST file. This software helps users to resolve the OST error in all the Windows Operating systems. Due to its user interface, running the software becomes easier, especially for non-technical users.

We have highlighted some of its most promising features:-

  • The software provides the option to remove the error from multiple OST files.
  • It is proficient in making the recovery of the data from emails, contacts, calendars, etc.
  • Users can employ different filters to process the OST file with only the required data.
  • The free version of this utility allows processing the first 50 items per folder.
  • It is compatible with running in any of the Windows O.S.

How does Weeom OST Repair Software Help to Remove the Error?

Before you start looking to fix the error from the OST file, the first step you need to take is to add the OST file to the software. Open the software and click on Add OST to upload the OST file into the tool. Afterwards, follow the below-listed procedure:-

  • Now click on the OST to PST and select the sub-folders to process.
  • To export the data into PST the software will have two options. Choose any one option and proceed further.
  • Also, check the incremental export checkbox.
  • A filter option window will appear. Here, you can customize the data selection based on various filter criteria.
  • Select the folders for the mapping purpose. Also, users can use its email translation option.
  • After applying all such options, click the Next button to start the repair process.

Concluding Remarks

If you have ever encountered a problem where you cannot access your OST file, you should look for a solution to fix it. In this blog, we have shared solutions to resolve errors detected in the file OST, which users can look at. However, you may trust Weeom software to resolve the issues in your OST file. Users can also try the free software version to know its capabilities.

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