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How To Import EML Files Into Outlook – The Complete Solution

Outlook only supports the PST file format so, if you are looking to open EML files in Outlook, you need to convert EML to PST first.

Now the query is how to convert EML to PST. Several solutions are available on the internet that provides different ways to import EML files into Outlook. But it is challenging to find a suitable solution among them.

This blog will guide you to convert EML to PST manually along with a reliable EML to PST converter. Before moving on to the solution, we need to know the reasons behind the EML to PST conversion.

Basic reasons to import EML files into Outlook:

  • MS Outlook is not just an email application. It is a modern organizer with contacts, calendars, tasks, and many more facilities. Migrating from an older email client to Outlook will improve productivity that attracts users to import EML files into Outlook.
  • Working with email in Outlook is more convenient than with individual EML files from any other email client. With the Outlook email client, users can efficiently and smoothly search for email messages, save contacts in shared lists, assign tasks to themselves and other users, open attachments, work with calendars, and many more.
  • Once users import EML to Outlook, it can improve the reliability of their mail storage. When Outlook is connected to any server such as Exchange or Office 365, email messages after importing EML files into Outlook will be stored in the server and not in the local storage.

Apart from the above reasons, there can be other reasons for importing EML files into Outlook. Now, we will learn how to convert EML to PST file format.

How to import EML to Outlook:

As discussed above, there are two possible ways to import EML files into Outlook. Users can convert EML to PST manually and professionally by using EML to PST Converter. This post will help both the methods to import EML to Outlook.

The Manual approach to Import EML Files to Outlook:

Note: Users must have backup EML files before going to convert EML to PST manually,

Once the backup EML files are complete, follow the steps below.

Export EML Files from Windows Live Mail email client to MS Outlook:

This way involves using the Export option in the Windows Live Mail application. Follow the instructions below to import EML to Outlook manually.

  1. Firstly, simultaneously open both Windows Live Mail and MS Outlook applications.
  2. In Windows Live Mail, go to File >> Export >> Email Message.
  3. Here, choose the MS Exchange option, then click on Next.
  4. A confirmation pop-up will show that “All emails will be exported to Microsoft Exchange Server or Microsoft Outlook”, click on
  5. Now prompted to select Outlook Profile, choose it, and click Next.
  6. Next, there are options to move all folders or selected email folders. Make your selection and click Next.

Suggestion: To avoid any complications, create sub-folders for folders to be advanced exported as the sub-folders will be shown as top-level folders in the Outlook mailbox after export. The rest of the folder structure of the Outlook mailbox will remain the same.

  1. Depending on the size of the folders, the export will start and complete.
  2. After completing the export process, exit by clicking on the Finish 

It is the manual method to import EML to Outlook manually from Windows Live Mail to Outlook application. The manual method is free but has some limitations, which are also considered its drawbacks.

Drawbacks of the mentioned manual method:

  • Users should be aware of the procedure to import EML to Outlook manually. Novice users may not be able to work efficiently in this way.
  • Sometimes, the manual process gets failed due to the affair of any human error. Also, the manual method gets failed to export attachments of the email.
  • It becomes quite a long process, and the users need to take care of the whole process. Sometimes users can have EML files to export that is not possible manually.
  • There is no assurance of getting the same data integrity back after the conversion as after the conversion. There is a high risk of loss of data in this way.

To avoid all such situations and convert EML to PST file format effectively, a professional EML to PST converter software is a reliable option.

Professional Method to Import EML to PST:

This EML to PST Converter software is an excellent solution. This software automates the conversion from EML to PST easily and securely, which provides an efficient way to import EML files into Outlook. It is an efficient tool and comes with a simple GUI for everyone to use. Data integrity and folder hierarchy have a zero-data effect with this EML to PST converter software.

The advanced algorithms of this efficient software provide many user-oriented features to enhance the way of conversion from EML files to PST. So the users can import EML to PST smoothly and securely.

More advanced functions and features of the software:

  • Users can add single or multiple EML files to this software application. It efficiently processes any number of EML files into PST at once.
  • This software allows users to preview the added EML file items. It helps in the context of ensuring the data status before processing.
  • Split option: This is one of the crucial options in this software. It lets users set the size for the resultant PST files into multiple smaller PST files.
  • This software converts EML to both Unicode and ANSI PST types.
  • It supports EML files format from over 19 email clients that store their users’ data in the EML files.
  • Items filter option: The software has a filter option with the criteria to include or exclude messages based on Subject, To, and From. This action helps process specific emails to import.
  • Along with EML to PST conversion, the software can also converts EML to MSG files with all the attachments.
  • The software allows exporting EML/EMLX files into Live Exchange and Office 365 mailboxes, including Public folders and Archive mailboxes.

Here are the process steps of EML to PST Converter:

Before proceeding with the steps below, you should have the Weeom EML to PST converter software downloaded and installed.

  1. Firstly, run the software. Go to the ribbon bar and click on Add option.EML-to-PST-Converter-img-1
  2. There are two options to add EML files; you can search EML files or can browse them. After adding EML files, select the folder hierarchy and then click OK.EML-to-PST-Converter-img-2
    (The selected EML file folders will get added to the folder view section.)EML to Outlook Converter
  3. Now go to the ribbon bar and select Outlook PST from the Export EML In group.EML-to-PST-Converter-img-4
  4. In the following wizard, hit Export Type and select the ‘Export in PST‘ option from the dropdown list.EML-to-PST-Converter-img-5
  5. Browse and set the target folder to save resultant PST in local storage. Provide a PST name and store name or proceed with a default name.
  6. You can make PST files password protected and can also split them into a specific size. Select the ‘Split‘ check box and enter the size (100 MB to 51200 MB or 1 GB to 50 GB) accordingly.EML-to-PST-Converter-img-6
  7. In the next section, you can filter out unwanted emails. The filter option is on the include/exclude emails on the Subject, From, and To-based criteria.EML-to-PST-Converter-img-7
  8. After following the required actions, click on the Export button. The export process will get started.EML-to-PST-Converter-img-8
  9. Once the export is complete, the Save Report button will get enabled.Import EML to Outlook
  10. You can save the report for further reference. The log report gets saved in HTML file format.EML-to-PST-Converter-img-10

At last, click on the ‘Cancel’ button to exit. 


The above post clarifies that if you convert EML to PST manually, you may face some issues or lose your data due to its limitations. On the other hand, a professional EML to PST converter provides an easy and efficient way to import EML into Outlook.

To check the compatibility and efficiency of this software, use the free evaluation version of this tool. An evaluation version has processing permission for the first 50 items per folder, so you can evaluate the performance of the full version before purchasing.

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