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How to Open MBOX File in Outlook 2021, 2019, and 2016

Summary: The main purpose of this article is to provide a feasible solution for your query on how to open MBOX file in Outlook with the complete data. Here, we will concentrate on techniques that help move the data from MBOX files safely and quickly. In addition, we have also shared some of the advantages of this transition process. So, let’s get started with a blog, which will bring the step-by-step process to move the MBOX file data into an Outlook account.

Email communication has become the most essential tool for professionals as well as individuals to communicate. There are multiple email clients that different organizations are using and they save users data into a specific file format. MBOX is also a file format that email clients like Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc., use to store data. Outlook, also a well-known email client, uses PST files to save their data. If users wants to access MBOX file into Outlook they will requires first converting them into PST and lastly importing into Outlook.

Here, you will find several solutions to open MBOX with Outlook.

Why is it a must to import the MBOX file into Outlook? 

Users have their reasons and explanation to open MBOX file in Outlook, email migration is one of the primary reasons. We have listed the selected reasons why users look to access MBOX data in Microsoft Outlook.

Advantages of Moving MBOX files to Outlook

  • Suppose users are using multiple email clients like Thunderbird and Outlook. For instance, they might be using Thunderbird to save different data and Outlook to store other data. If they want to combine the data, they look to transfer the data between them.
  • Many users look to create a backup of their data, so conversion of the MBOX file into PST is a feasible solution. Also, the PST file can easily be transferred to any other system.
  • Companies mostly use MS Outlook to handle email communication. If any new user joining the organization has their data in an MBOX file, they must import it into Outlook.
  • Outlook has an edge over MBOX-supported email clients in terms of features such as email management, task management, search functionality, etc.

After learning how to open MBOX with Outlook, it’s time to introduce migration solutions.

3 Recommended Solutions to Open MBOX File in Outlook

There are various ways/solutions available to open MBOX files in Outlook. In this section of the article, you get to know manual solutions and third-party tool Weeom MBOX to PST Converter, so keep reading this blog until you won’t get your desired solution.

Solution: 1) Making Use of Drag & Drop Option

Before using this solution, have Outlook installed in your system.

After making that your system has Outlook export the required from your Thunderbird account into the EML file. Form a new folder in Outlook in order to move the emails. The last step will be to drag the EML files and drop them into the Outlook account. By following this procedure, you can open MBOX file in Outlook

Solution: 2) Import MBOX files into Outlook Using Thunderbird

Phase#1 Setting up Gmail Account into Thunderbird 

  • Open the Thunderbird email client, and on the right side, click on Settings and Account Settings.
  • In the Account Setting window, click on Account Action and select the Add Mail account option.
  • Now, to set the mail account window, enter credentials and click on continue.
  • Select the IMAP in the available configuration; once done, click on Done.
  • Enter the Gmail credentials and provide access to Thunderbird by clicking on Allow.

Phase#2 Transfer MBOX files into Thunderbird

  • Go to the Account Setting option after opening the Thunderbird.
  • After that, click on the Local folder and choose Settings.
  • Copy the local directory path displayed to you, and make sure to move your MBOX file exactly to that location.
  • Now, you need to restart the Thunderbird in order to reflect the changes made to it.
  • After that, you can see the MBOX file folder under the Local Folder.

Phase#3 Configure Account in Outlook

  • Open the Outlook application, go to the Preferences, and select Accounts.
  • After clicking on the + sign, choose the Mail option.
  • Now, you must enter login credentials similar to those for your Thunderbird Gmail account.
  • After successfully adding the account, the emails will now appear in your Outlook account.

Why should you ignore using Manual Methods?

At the same time, users must ensure that they have Thunderbird and Outlook in their system. Performing the migration in different phases accurately is difficult for novice users. Also, after concluding the migration, there are higher changes, and the original folder hierarchy will be disturbed. If you have larger data and multiple MBOX files to transfer, then using the professional MBOX viewer software is preferred, which will provide better results.

Experts Recommended Solution to Import Multiple MBOX Files into Outlook

Users can rely on the Weeom MBOX to PST Converter tool, which will yield fruitful results while keeping your data safer during migration. In addition, the tool will provide you with some of the best in-line features with advanced capabilities. Also, the interface of this tool is so easy to use that no user will face issues using it.

It makes it easier for users to open multiple MBOX files in Outlook while allowing them to convert them into PST files. The software also incorporates the data filter facility that comes in handy to select and deselect the required data. This is not just how users can also apply the incremental export option, which will become beneficial when users resume the conversion.

Simple Ways to Open MBOX Files in Outlook

  • Open the Weeom MBOX converter tool and click Add to open the MBOX files into the software.
  • A list of all folders in the MBOX file will appear in the software folder pane. Select Export in the PST option, Target location to save the file, and apply filter criteria according to your need. Click on Export.
  • After the process completion, you need to open Outlook and import the PST file to access the MBOX data.
Final Comments

While several ways are available to open MBOX file in Outlook, choosing efficient one is the ideal way for a successful conversion. The blog has curated some of the most used techniques, which also talks about the manual method, but due to the lack of support, technically skilled users would be in trouble. So, the other effective method we have talked about is the third-party converter tool which can convert MBOX to PST as well. Users can focus on that tool and check how they perform and can use their evaluation edition for free.

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