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How To Convert DBX Data Files To PST – What’s The Best Way?

Many users are shifting from Outlook Express to MS Outlook for email service. But both use different file formats for data storage. One of the most challenging things to export Outlook Express to MS Outlook manually is that it takes too much time and risk data loss.

This guide will drive you through the best DBX to PST converter to convert DBX to PST file format. Also, you will learn about the manual method for this conversion.

Let’s start with the reasons that initiate users to convert their DBX files into Outlook PST format.

Some of the Situations to Convert DBX Files to PST:

There can be several explanations that lead to the situation of converting DBX files to PST. Some of them are specified below:

  • Outlook Express DBX file is not accessible in Outlook directly, which can be considered one of the situations for converting DBX files to PST format. PST file is the only suitable file format for accessing mailbox data in Outlook.
  • MS Outlook provides various advanced features like Calendar, Journal, Tasks, and much more that are not available in Outlook Express.
  • Microsoft no longer supports and maintains Outlook Express.
  • MS Outlook has the facility to filter both incoming/outgoing emails. In Outlook Express, users can filter only incoming email messages.
  • Home users mostly use Outlook Express. While both individual users, as well as corporate users (business purposes), preferred Outlook.

How to Convert DBX to PST:

At the present time, two approaches are available, such as manual methods and automated DBX to PST converter solutions. However, automated software is a recommended solution, which is entitled a professional DBX to PST converter tool to convert DBX to PST hassle-free.

Manual Method – Use of Windows Live Mail (WLM):

Note: This method requires downloading the Windows Live Mail app. This way consists of three phases to convert DBX to PST.

Phase1: Import mail from Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail

  • Open the Windows Live Mail application on the system.
  • Go to the File menu and click on the Import Messages tab.
  • Then, the Windows Live Mail Import window will appear. From Outlook Express, pick the import option.
  • Now, browse the folder with the DBX files and select the desired DBX files folder.
  • In this step, click on the Import button to import DBX to Windows Live Mail.
  • Now, Exit the Import Wizard.
  • Also, to convert the Outlook Express address book to Windows Live Mail (WLM), go to File > Import Windows Address Book.
  • Find the folder where the File (.wab) is stored.
  • After that, click on the Close button of the Import dialog box to complete the process.

Phase2: Migrate WLM to Outlook PST:

  • Open the Windows Live Mail application again on the system.
  • Go to the File>Export and select the Messages tab.
  • Now, select the Microsoft Exchange tab from the Export dialogue box.
  • Here, select the folders you need to migrate to PST file format.
  • After that, you can close the Export wizard.

Phase3: In this last step, import the exported Windows Live Mail into Outlook:

  • Start by launching the MS Outlook Mail client.
  • Click on the File menu and select Open & Export tap.
  • Choose the Import/Export option.
  • From the options list, select Import from another program or File. 
  • In this step, select Outlook Data File (.pst) and click on the Next button.
  • There are options to export/filter duplicate items. Select an option you desire and click Next.
  • Now, select the folder where you want to import items.
  • At last, click on the Finish button.

Finally, this will import Outlook Express DBX to Outlook. This method is free, but as you can see, this is an indirect approach and has several limitations to convert DBX to PST.

  • Time-consuming
  • Risk of email data loss or items missing.
  • Users must have strong knowledge about manual email data transmission. Novice users may not be able to do the conversion easily this way.
  • There is no assurance of exact conversion.
  • This process may not maintain the integrity of the email as before the conversion.

To avoid all the limitations of the manual method, you should use a professional third-party DBX to PST converter tool. One of the top-end solutions is defined below that can convert DBX to PST in a few clicks.

Weeom DBX to PST Converter tool:

DBX to PST Converter by Weeom is a state-of-the-art conversion solution. It works to convert DBX files to PST in error-free and secure manner. A simple GUI of the tool makes it easy to use for everyone without additional help. This reliable tool assures complete data security during the entire process.

Impressive Features of The Tool:

  • Using Weeom DBX to PST converter, users can add any number of DBX files. The tool hassle-free processes multiple DBX files in one go to PST.
  • Before conversion, it allows the user to preview the items of added DBX files to be sure.
  • It generates both types of PST files (UNICODE and ANSI) for different versions of Outlook.
  • This tool allows a split option to help you manage PST files that result in large sizes. Users can set the size of the resulting PST to split it into several smaller PST files at the destination.
  • If a user wants to export DBX files to other targets such as Office 365 and Exchange Server, the user can use this DBX converter tool.


As we recognize in the above post, there are two potential ways to convert DBX to PST for Outlook. But this manual way is inconvenient as it does not fully meet the needs of all users. The mentioned DBX to PST converter tool provides smooth and secure conversion of DBX files to PST.

Anyone can try the trial version of this tool before investing without much thought. A trial version is a restricted version of the license version that comes with processing permission for the first 50 items per folder.

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