Backup Outlook emails from browser

How to Backup Outlook Emails from Browser?

Summary: Outlook web is one of the most sought emailing platforms users look to manage their emailing communication. Due to multiple reasons, users want to backup Outlook emails from browser, and here we will illustrate some methods that will make your work easier without causing any data loss.

We believe that email communication has shifted from how it used to be in the previous decade. Now technology is becoming friendlier towards users. Outlook is one of the great examples that have changed working for many individuals as well as the corporate. But somehow, and at some point, the user needs to back up Outlook emails from the browser for many reasons.

This blog will take you through some common reasons behind this motto and the reliable solution to complete user requirements.

A Solution to Backup Emails from Outlook Web

Before making our way to the solution, we would like to inform you about certain reasons which create the need to backup Outlook emails from browser. Many users need their data to meet legal compliance. Data is important for everyone, so no one likes to share their credentials to share the data with others. So the best option to takes the backup of their emails and share them with others.

However, there are no such native tools available to backup Outlook web emails. Moreover, there are ways through which users can make this possible, so kindly follow the listed points:


  • Once you successfully log into your Outlook web account, kindly click on the gear icon which is available in the top right corner, and choose “View all Outlook settings.”


  • Now the new window will appear where you click Mail and press General.


  • Scroll down a bit to the “Privacy and data” section, and later on, kindly click “Export data.”


  • Choose the data you want to export by selecting the appropriate checkboxes, and then click “Next.”
  • Click on “Export” to start the export process.
  • Once it gets over, user will receive an email containing a link to download the backup file.
  • Afterwards, pick any one file format to save the download exported data from JSON, PST, and CSV.

However, this method to back up Outlook emails from the browser takes up to 4 days, making it a non-ideal solution for many users looking for a quicker solution. Users will also be unable to filter out emails they do not want. It indirectly results in a large output file.

Users can also look for other solutions to mitigate the user task to backup Outlook web emails. One such solution we have explained below, so keep reading it until you do not get the solution.

Quicker Solution to download emails from Outlook Web

To overcome the limitations of the abovementioned solution, kindly look for a professional third-party tool. Weeom IMAP backup and restore tool is a good example of it which completes its work quickly. While creating the backup, the software provides vast features. Its user interface makes it easier for all who look to backup Outlook emails from browser. Unlike the free solution, this software allows users to choose their preferred data with the assistance of its data filter criteria.

One of the most impeccable features that this tool carries with the capability to process newer items when users resume their process. It is possible only due to its incremental export feature. Users can also customize the backup by taking help from its data filter option. They help to include as well as exclude the data from the Outlook account based on several data filter criteria.

Steps to Backup Outlook Web Emails

Users can easily backup Outlook emails from browser by following certain steps.

  • Open the Weeom IMAP backup and restore tool. After that, after creating the backup directory, click on backup jobs.

Backup Outlook Emails from browser

  • Select and fill in the required details like job name, email address, server address, and Port no.

Backup Outlook web emails

  • Then go to the next tab, which is the backup directory. Kindly select the already created file format to save the backup copy.

Download emails from Outlook Web

  • Now user should move to the next option, which is a filter. Apply them as per the requirements and move further.


  • Here the users will get three options to schedule the backup job, which we have explained below:

Run Job Manually: To start the job on your own.

Start Immediately After Creating Job: This option allows starting the backup job after creating the backup job.

Job Schedule: User can choose this option to schedule the backup periodically.


  • Here comes the last option to backup Outlook emails from browser, which takes users to set the mailbox and item threat count. Moreover, other options are also given, like setting the timer for the larger item and stopping the process if the failed item count exceeds the limit. Now, click on Create backup job button.


Now, the software will start creating the backup copy of the Outlook emails. After that, once the process gets over user can also download the process report on their system.

Wrapping Up

This guide has explained some well-known methods to extract data from the Outlook web. Here we have discussed the solution, which is free of cost, but there are multiple downsides like time consumption. So to complete your task to backup Outlook emails from browser, taking the help of a third-party tool is a great option.  In addition, users can also go through their features by using the free version.

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