Weeom IMAP Backup & Restore tool

Weeom IMAP Backup & Restore tool allows users to back up emails of IMAP-supported email clients into file formats such as MSG, MBOX, PST, MHT, etc. Users can also utilize its restore facility, which lets them restore files like MBOX, OST, PST, MSG, and EML /EMLX files with the same folder hierarchy into IMAP server mailboxes. The IMAP email backup software is embedded with many features designed to meet the needs of IMAP users. It also comes out with a valuable option, which is data filtration. Due to it, the user can proceed with only the required data, a backup scheduling option to automate the complete backup process. All such attributes make this tool one of the most suitable IMAP backup solutions.

Client Rating: (Average Rating 4.9 Based on Reviews)

  • Incremental Backup facility to skip already processed items.
  • Proficient in taking backup emails of Yahoo, AOL, Zoho Mail, Yandex, etc.
  • Restoring PST to IMAP option is also possible with this IMAP backup tool.
  • Helps to Customize the IMAP mailbox backup by processing only the needed data.
  • Preserve the folder hierarchy even in the Output backup file.
  • Allows running multiple IMAP Backup/Restore at a single time.
  • Provide an option to split the PST file into numerous small PSTs.
  • It comes with a Backup scheduling option to run the backup job periodically.
  • Makes Possible for users to split the resultant Outlook PST file according to their required size.
*The free demo version allows the migration of the first 50 items per folder.
IMAP Backup and Restore

Some Promising features of Weeom IMAP Backup & Restore Software

Backup Bulk IMAP Mailboxes

Creating an IMAP email backup job for multiple mailboxes is possible with this solution. Users can add various mailboxes using a CSV file or directly from the server. Running multiple backups saves users' time. This will also not impact the software working adversely.

Save IMAP Emails into Multiple file formats

This IMAP Backup tool allows users to add multiple IMAP mailboxes and takes their backup into several reliable file formats such as PST, MSG, MBOX, etc. Following a couple of simple steps makes creating a backup of the IMAP emails possible. It will also ensure to keep the data integrity of all items unaffected.

Advanced Backup Scheduling Option

Users can take advantage of one of the most demanded options, which plays its role while taking the backup. This IMAP mailbox backup meets the need of most users by allowing them to back up their emails periodically. Apart from choosing the period to back up daily, weekly, and monthly emails, users can also set the time and date interval to process the data.

Restore PST file into IMAP Mailboxes

It will also provide the chance to save the PST file to IMAP mailboxes. Users can choose multiple no. of large-sized PSTs and easily import them into the IMAP server. The software will provide the same filter criteria on the way to restore PST to IMAP mailboxes as available at the time of creating a backup.

Incremental Backup

Any process is not isolated from the issues like internet failure or when the user needs to stop the process. The software integrates an Incremental backup feature that assists the tool in neglecting already processed items and creates a backup of the data newer than the last backup. It will ultimately save the user time.

Eliminate Unwanted Emails

Many times users did not want to create a backup of complete data, so to deal with these issues, this IMAP Backup software comes with the data filter option. Users can use diverse filter criteria to include/exclude emails. Also, the folder filter criterion is given in this tool to eliminate a particular folder from the IMAP mailboxes.

Run Multiple Backup Jobs Simultaneously

Weeom has developed this software to tackle the need to run several IMAP mailbox backup jobs together. It will not only take away the burden from the user to run the backup job repeatedly but also helps to achieve the result timely. Executing multiple jobs does not make a negative impact on the user system.

Detailed Process Reporting

This IMAP Backup tool lets users download comprehensive process reports after completing the process. A report will be available to download in HTML format, which contains details like total item count, processed items, filtered items, and other attributes. It will help users understand and analyze the success of any backup and restore jobs.

Evaluation Version

Product evaluation becomes important to analyze software performance. To meet the need of multiple users, this software IMAP mailbox backup provides a free demo version. Using it, users can be able to check the software features and can process the first fifty items per folder.

Set Limit on Failed Item

This option helps to eliminate the possibility of a large number of failed items in the target environment. Users can set the maximum count for the failed count. The software stops the process if the limit for the failed mailbox item exceeds the limit and will start processing the next added mailbox.

Awards and Reviews

I was looking for software that allows me to save my IMAP emails to PST files. Finally, I found this tool which is a picture-perfect tool because of its highly advanced features and user interface. Kudos to the Weeom team for creating such amazing software.


This solution is extremely recommended to all who are all are looking for a solution to back up the IMAP mailboxes. It is compatible with working on all Windows O.S. Running multiple backup jobs concurrently is one feature I love the most.


Truly deserve the five stars rating for providing software that preserves the data integrity of every item.



- Follow a couple of more manageable steps to take the backup of your IMAP mailboxes:-

  1. Kindly launch the software after installing it in your system.
  2. Click on the backup job and then choose IMAP Server (multiple mailboxes)
  3. Now you need to create a new backup directory.
  4. Apply the desired data filtration option as per your requirements.
  5. Schedule the backup process or run it immediately.
  6. Hit on creating a backup job to start taking the backup.

Yes, this tool makes it easier to import PST files into IMAP mailboxes and can also apply the filter option while importing the files.

This software has a preview pane allowing overviewing of every item inside the IMAP mailboxes.

You can import as many EML files with the same folder hierarchy in the AOL account.