Money Back Policy

Weeom ultimately provides tested and secured software for ideal performance and assurance about the quality of the products. Including all the enhanced other features and services, Weeom also insists on delivering a money-back guarantee to its customers with particular Terms and Conditions. Weeom advises users or customers to read the money-back policy before requesting their money back. Furthermore, Weeom always considers using its free Demo Version before investing to buy the products.

Terms and conditions allowing money back:

  • The user can get a money refund if the functionality of the demo version and full version differ. They need to contact the technical expert team. Experts will review and analyze the conditions and assist the user in resolving the situation. In that case, the user should follow the guidance of the experts at Weeom. Now, in case the issue is not settled by the technical team. The user shall be entitled to make a refund request and get the money back.
  • However, Weeom's software always assures complete recovery of data. But, if the user does not get their entire data after recovery, the user can reach out to the technical support team and get help from them. Weeom technical experts are always ready to resolve the user's concerns regarding the products. They will try their best to recover the complete data. Unfortunately, if the technical team still fails to address the problems, then the user becomes liable to request a refund.

Terms and conditions that do not entitle money back:

  1. If requested by the user after 30 days from the date of purchase, in this case, the refund request will not be acceptable.
  2. After purchasing the product, if the customer feels that the product is not needed to be used and requests a refund, the company shall not be responsible for refunds to such customers.
  3. In order to make a refund request by the customer, the Weeom team asks for certain specific documents to proceed further. If the customer fails to provide the appropriate documents to the team, then the company will not be liable for a refund in that case.
  4. The company will not be obliged to refund even if the customer purchases the product, but subsequently, it fails to go with the system.
  5. It may also happen that the customer purchases the product and activates the license in more than one system. If the product is working correctly with even one of these systems, that customer will not be eligible to apply for a refund.
  6. Once the customer uses the demo version with the help of the technical team and then purchases the full version, if both are functionally identical, no refund request will be acceptable as it violates the policy that allows refunds.
  7. The working environment must be suitable for the product. The customer can take the help of Weeom's technical experts for technical support and should follow all instructions to set up the environment accordingly. If the environment remains unchanged or differs according to the expert for the use of the product, in that case, the "Money Back Policy" will not be followed.
  8. The customer should follow the suggestions of the technical person of the company. If the customer declines that suggestion to use the product, the customer is also not eligible to take the money back.
  9. If license activation is timed or delayed due to a technical error, the customer will kindly notify the sales team at or ping via Live Chat on the website. If the customer requests a refund without notifying, the refund request will not be acceptable in that case. The license key generation module for Weeom's product runs on an auto-system.

Money Back Policy Procedure

  • Subject to the terms and conditions, if your request goes valid for a refund, you can easily place the refund request at - sales@
  • The concerned person of Weeom will get back to you after completing all the formalities, which may take 15 to 30 days.

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