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2 Effective Methods to Import MBOX to Office 365

Summary: Tired of searching here and there for a solution to import MBOX to Office 365? By following the methods listed in this blog, users can easily move their MBOX files into newly created or existing Office 365 accounts. Handling some methods for migration will pose some challenges, while others will make it easier to do the task. However, this blog has suggested one solution with various advantages over others.

Office 365 is a powerful email service that provides bundles of other useful applications. One of the benefits that every user enjoys is the freedom to work anywhere. Moreover, the security of the data stored in Office 365 is immense. This is why Thunderbird users look to import MBOX to Office 365. Apart from one reason, there are multiple other reasons as well.

The migration involves procedure which one must follow and, remember that that there is no room for a single mistake. If you are looking for some good techniques to import mailbox to Office 365, then reading this article a must.

Solutions to Import the MBOX files into Office 365

There are many methods to import MBOX into Office 365, but only some of them are able to fulfill the migration needs. But before conclusion, we will introduce with the manual method as well as professional method Weeom MBOX to PST Converter tool. Firstly, the manual method involves a few major steps which are as follows:-

Phase@1: Conversion of the MBOX files into PST

Phase@2: Importing PST files into Office 365

Converting MBOX files into PST

  • The first step for users is to launch the Thunderbird application and go to the folder to which they need to export into PST.
  • Right-click on a folder; after that, select the emails and then click on Save as.

screenshot step 1

  • A new wizard will appear, asking you to specify the space to save the folder.

screenshot step 2

  • Once done, then you need to close the Thunderbird and open Outlook.
  • After opening Outlook, create a new folder to which all Thunderbird emails need to be transferred. Give that folder a name.
  • The last step in this method to import MBOX to Office 365 is to drag the saved folder in Thunderbird into Outlook.
  • Save the folder in a PST file format.

Importing PST files into Office 365

In this section, you will find steps to move the PST file into Office 365.

  • Installation of the Azure AZCopy tool is required before you start moving PST files. Also, you will need a copy of the SAS URL.
  • The next step in this process is to upload the PST files and check all the added PST emails.
  • Start mapping the PST file data and make sure to create an import job in Office 365.

Why is there a need for a third-party MBOX to Office 365 migration utility?

Well, the methods explained allow to import MBOX to Office 365, but some user might not comfortable using that method. The reasons behind this is the difficulty to handle migration by own, consumes more time, etc. But, there is a solution for all problems which will help to make the task easier.

Reliable Utility to Transfer MBOX data safely into Office 365

We have seen one manual to import mailbox into Office 365, but also Posses some problems. So using the other solution is the best choice left for the users. Solution like Weeom MBOX to PST Converter tool comes with a best in line features and allows to work easily because of its intuitive GUI.

This software handles the bulk migration of MBOX files into Office 365 and the migration of large-sized MBOX files. Most importantly, users do not need to restart the process if there is any interruption, which is only possible due to its incremental export option.

It comes with a free demo version which users can try to know about the tool competencies.

Step-by-Step Procedure to Export MBOX to Office 365

Step 1: Download the Weeom MBOX to PST converter in the system.

Step 2:  After downloading, you need to add an MBOX folder or a file to the software.

Step3:  After adding the MBOX, click on the Office 365 option from the ribbon bar.

Step 4: Select the folder from the MBOX files and choose the Office 365 option from Export type drop-down.

Step 5: Now, enter the credentials for the target Office 365 mailbox. Also, choose the target mailbox.

Step 6: Apply the required filter criteria and click on Export.

After following the steps shared above, the utility will start exporting the data from the MBOX files into Office 365.

Wrapping Up

There are lots of benefits of shifting MBOX files into Office 365, as we have discussed in this blog. The aim of the article, which is to provide a solution to import MBOX to Office 365, has been addressed. Users can look to use the solution discussed after seeing its pros and cons. However, we suggest users try the software’s free version to get to know its performance.

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