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How to Convert EDB to PST Files?

Emailing is probably one of the most important aspects that no one can deny. To handle the email communication there is a requirement for the emailing platforms. So, if you are managing the email servers as an IT admin, then you need to manage database files like EDB, PST, etc. Exchange server users EDB to store all data similarly Outlook uses PST file. There are situation for the Exchange server admin and low for the solution how to convert EDB to PST files.

But, there are reasons why admin looks to make the conversion. Therefore, this article will cover some techniques through using it become easier to convert EDB file to pst.

EDB and PST files: A brief about them and why they make users to look for conversion

EDB is a database file the Exchange server uses to save the complete data, including Emails, Tasks, Notes, etc. You can say every component of the Exchange mailbox lies inside the EDB file, and in general, they are larger in size.

A PST file is similar to any other database file and stores all data of Microsoft Outlook. It is considered a portable file in the email client niche because it can be moved easily to any other email client. In addition, it has various advantages.

If we look for the reasons, then there are multiple reasons that make users to convert EDB file to PST file.

To convert EDB to PST files, users can use the manual solution, which involves using the Command prompt and a dedicated third-party converter tool.

How do I convert EDB files into PST with Command Prompt?

Looking at the EDB to PST conversion methods, the first method that is commonly used is the command prompt. However, you should have administrative rights before you start using it.

Follow the steps listed carefully to convert EDB to PST files manually.

  1. Retrieve Mailbox List

The first command that users should execute in order to retrieve a list of all mailboxes

Get-MailboxStatistics –Database (Name of the Database)

Once you execute this command in the cmd, a list of all the mailboxes will appear.

  1. Start converting EDB files

Run the following command to start converting the EDB files

New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox <Name> -FilePath \\ExchangeBackup\PST\Name.PST

After entering this command in cmd, the EDB files get converted into PST.

  1. To check the status of the export request


  1. Cancel Export Request

Remove-MailboxExportRequest -Identity < export request name>

How to use third-party software to convert EDB to PST files?

As we have seen, using the command prompt, users can convert EDB file to PST files, but all such conversions require users to have a thorough knowledge of using the cmd. So, a need to overcome the problem may arise, which a third party can solve.

So, we have showcased one such solution that will make conversion easier. Weeom EDB to PST converter tool makes it easier to convert multiple EDB files. This tool gives the option to save EDB files in many other file formats like HTML, MSG, EML, etc. The software converts the file while keeping all the folders of the files in an original hierarchy.

Users will get bundles of advanced features in this converter tool that will help them to make it more effective.

Steps to follow for making EDB to PST conversion

  1. Initially, users should install the Weeom EDB to PST converter software on their system. After opening the software, click on the Add EDB file option.
  2. Now, a new dialog box will appear where you need to click on Browse to add the EDB to the software. If you have an EDB from an older Exchange version, then use the Select STM option.
  3. Go to the software ribbon bar and click on the Outlook PST option. This will open a new wizard. Here, choose the required folder and sub-folder to export and then click Next.
  4. In this window, you will be asked to select one option: export to an existing or new PST. Select accordingly and also click on the Incremental export option.
  5. After doing so, a filter option window appears with multiple filter criteria. Apply the filter and proceed.
  6. To apply the folder mapping, click on the Advanced option.
  7. After clicking next, the converter tool will start converting the files.

Ending Remarks

We have seen the processes through which users can convert EDB to PST files format. In this article, we have described a manual way by using users can make the conversion. However, some users might face several issues while implementing the steps involved in the manual conversion method. So, it is important to look for alternative methods like the third-party tool. Users can examine the shared tool’s free version to learn about their capabilities.

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