How to Remove Password From PST File – Step By Step Guide

Summary: – Sometime, users forget the password of their PST file, which they use to encrypt their PST file. In this article, we have shared some solutions to remove password from PST file including the third-party solution. This blog will also foray into the manual solutions that come in handy in some cases.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email clients that users rely on to manage their email communication. Outlook uses a PST file, which is a database file similar to any other file that saves data. At times, it becomes essential to protect your data with the help of a password. But, often, most users lose their password or do not remember it, which results in the requirement for a solution to remove the passwords from the PST files.

Also, at some times, Outlook prompts you to enter a password when you launch Outlook. In that case, removing the password becomes necessary.

What’s the Process to remove the password from the PST file?

There are several options available that users can use to remove password. Manual methods and third-party like Weeom Outlook Password Recovery Tool that can help users do to such task. If you know the password of your PST file and want to remove it, then there is a simple way to help you with it. See the below listed step-by-step procedure for how you can remove password from PST files with ease:-

  • Open your Outlook account and then click on the File tab.
  • Select the Inform from the Outlook menu and click on Settings.

Remove Password from PST file1

  • Now, you need to select an Outlook data file (PST). After that, click on Data Files and choose the Change Password option.

Remove Password from PST file2

  • Enter the details, such as your old and new PST file passwords. After that, click on OK.

Remove Password from PST file 3

That’s it, the task to remove password from PST file has been successfully achieved. But, sometime you don’t remember you’re PST and this approach only works when you know your old PST file password.

Remove PST file Password Using pst19upg.exe

This method only able to recover password from the PST file generated in older Outlook version like 2002. Otherwise, this method won’t work for the PST created in newer Outlook versions. Follow the instruction given below in order to remove the password from the Outlook PST file.

  • The first step is to launch Outlook on your computer.
  • After that, create a copy of your existing PST file.
  • Now, you need to run the ScanPST.exe to repair your PST copy.
  • Transfer the PST file to a new location similar to the location of the pst19upg.exe and enter the key.
  • Launch the command prompt and mention the pst19upg.exe location.
  • After that, kindly enter the new command, which is pst19upg.exe-xPSTCopy.pst, and hit enter. A new file will be formed: PstCopy.psx
  • Now, change the name of the original file.
  • Mention pst19upg.exe -i PSTFileCopy.psx in the command prompt and press enter.

Once you complete all the steps mentioned, the PST will be created without a password. The manual method listed to remove PST password has some limitations.

Simpler Way to remove password from your PST File

As we have showcased in this blog, despite the methods available, there is still a need for an alternative solution. If you have forgotten your password, a solution like the Weeom Outlook Password Recovery Tool is the better option.

Whether you know the password or don’t know it, the software provides options to recover the password in both situations. With a few clicks, you can recover the password for your PST file. This tool also allows to remove PST password from the multiple file concurrently. Unlocking passwords from PST ANSI as well as UNICODE is possible with this tool.

Steps to Recover Password from the PST file

  • After installing the Weeom Outlook Password Recovery Tool, the first task will be to open the software.
  • In the software interface, click the Add button to add the desired PST file.
  • After adding the file, the software asks for any option from Recover, Remover, or Set password. Choose accordingly.
  • If you click on Recover and remove, the software will start processing the PST for the selected task. Otherwise, to set a password, the software will ask you to enter a new password.
Wrap Up

Removing the password from PST is required in many circumstances. This article is all about the ways to remove password from PST file though different ways. Users who cannot find a suitable solution can refer to this blog. The solutions discussed here come with their pros and cons. However, the third-party software explained here offers many advantages. Users can also try the software by utilizing their free demo version.

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