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A Professional Way to Migrate Exchange 2016 to Microsoft 365

If you are now looking to migrate Exchange 2016 to Microsoft 365, reading this article will prove worthy. In this technical blog, you will find various techniques through utilizing you can easily conclude the migration.

There is no question that a cloud-based service like Office 365 is in a trend because of the benefits they provide. Being with the platform like the Exchange on-premises managing and maintaining is quite a big task. Exchange server is a product of Microsoft and come in different versions.

Similar to any other Exchange version, Exchange Server 2016 also has a life cycle, so it is important to migrate from it in a timely manner. Moving into Microsoft 365 is a wiser move as it comes with much superior functionality and data security is one of the biggest advantages of migrating from Exchange 2016 to Office 365.

This article discusses different migration strategies that allow to move Exchange 2016 data towards Microsoft 365.

In how many ways can we migrate Exchange 2016 to Microsoft 365?

There are several ways to migrate Exchange 2016 to Microsoft 365, but some of them require more technical expertise. However, the migration can be done manually or even through third-party software. Choosing a migration strategy will completely depend upon the organization’s requirements.

Here, we will help find the migration method that will suit the specific need.

Let’s have a look over the methods to make the migration:

The first method on our list of migrations is the Cutover migration. But before initiating the migration, it is important for users to understand what impact the migration will have on the user.

Cutover Migration

Cutover migration is one of the most sought-after techniques to migrate Exchange 2016 to Office 365. Using this method, it is possible to migrate the mailboxes if you are using Exchange 2003 or its new versions. But this method will be application if you have mailboxes less than 2000, otherwise it will not work.

Note: – Make sure to turn off the Directory Synchronization before the migration.

Follow the procedure shared below to perform the migration:-

• For the migration, it is important to create a new mailbox in Office 365 using the SMT address of the Exchange 2016 mailboxes.
• Next, you must connect Microsoft 365 with your system. Migration endpoint contains the required and password in order to connect Exchange.
• Now, look to create the migration batch.
• Start verifying that users get created in Microsoft 365 or not.
• Point out MX Record towards Microsoft 365 in order to route all emails into Office 365.
• Delete the migration batch and assign the licenses to all the newly created users.

Hybrid Migration

This type of Exchange 2016 to Office 365 migration allows to exist Exchange on-premises and Office 365 on the same active directory. If you are performing the migration for above Exchange server 2010, then it will work. This method is preferred for those who have more than 150 and less than 2000 mailboxes.

Steps to follow the approach to migrate Exchange 2016 to Microsoft 365 have been shared below:-

• Verification of the domain is required before you start migrating mailboxes. To use this migration strategy, you must verify your on-premises domain in Microsoft 365.
• Now, you need to start the express migration. To do so, sign in to your Microsoft 365 using the global admin credentials.
• Kindly start the active synchronization to create the users in Microsoft 365.
• It’s time to assign the licenses to all the users who are newly created in Microsoft 365.

Some Problems you might face while using manual migration methods

The two manual methods discussed above to migrate Exchange 2016 to Microsoft 365 have their advantage and limitations. To get a view on their adverse side, let’s check out their disadvantages:-

• If you have more than 2000 mailboxes to migrate at the same time, it becomes extremely difficult.
• Configuring the hybrid migration is tedious, as it is challenging to create the same environment in both Exchange on-premise and Microsoft 365.
• A possible mistake can have an adverse impact on overall migration.
• Making migration using these approaches consumes a lot of time.

Reliable Strategy to Migrate Exchange 2016 Mailboxes into Microsoft 365

If the above strategies are not working, you can approach a professional third-party migration utility. Weeom Exchange to Office 365 migration software is the solution that you should look for if you want a stable migration. This software helps to migrate all data from the Exchange server while providing the option to customize the migration.

It comes with an easy-to-use GUI, which allows any user to do the migration. Whether you have fewer mailboxes or multiple, you can easily migrate them all with the help of this software. Moreover, this software to migrate Exchange 2016 to Exchange Online comes with much useful functionality.

How to migrate with Weeom Exchange to Office 365 Migration Software?

Users need to follow a couple of instructions for making the process to migrate Exchange 2016 to Exchange Online. Here, we have listed a way to migrate the Exchange mailboxes using this software:-

• Initially, users need to add the Exchange mailboxes, for which they need to open the software and click on Add source. Thereafter, they need to click on Exchange Server Mailboxes and proceed after filling in the required details.

Outlook Password recovery Step 1

• After adding the mailboxes, it’s time to select the Office 365 option from the software ribbon bar.

Outlook Password recovery Step 2

• Select the folder to migrate using Check/uncheck folder checkbox. After that, click on Next button.

Outlook Password recovery Step 3

• Here, select the fetch mailboxes from Outlook profile option and select the profile using the drop-down. After selecting the profile, click on Next.

Outlook Password recovery Step 4

• The software has different filter option, using them you can selectively migrates your data. After applying the required filter criteria, kindly hit on the Next button.

Outlook Password recovery Step 5

• Now the software allows to do the folder mapping. To add the folder to map, kindly use the Add button. Also, users can use the tool’s email translation option.

Outlook Password recovery Step 6

• The tool will start migrating the Exchange mailboxes into Microsoft 365. It will also shows up the live process log.

Final Comments

Choosing the right migration has importance because it can make a huge difference. So, if you are looking for solution to migrate Exchange 2016 to Microsoft 365 this post surely helps you in finding a migration solution that fulfills your requirements. Though the manual migration seems to be tedious for many users which is why we have also introduced one third-party solution.

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