Methods to Fix “Not implemented” Error when Sending/Receiving Emails in Outlook

On several occasions, users face issues while sending as well as receiving emails in Outlook. Some users might encounter with Outlook Not Implemented error which will create problem while sending as well as receiving emails. This can be devastating because emails are an important part of communication, but don’t worry this article will help you to fix Not Implemented Error.

Outlook is probably used by millions of users across the globe to manage email communication part. It is one of the most reliable email clients, but this doesn’t mean that it will not create any problems for the users. While sending or receiving messages users will encounter errors, but there are solutions to fix the Not Implemented error which this blog is all about.

Why Not Implemented Error Appear While Opening the Outlook?

Before we could start looking up the methods to fix Not Implemented Error, let’s explore some of the reasons behind the error:

  • If you are making the use of the Antivirus, then the first thing you should is to turn off the Antivirus.
  • Changes made in the default settings of the Outlook Send/Receive.
  • Corruption in the PST file is also one of the reasons behind the Outlook Not Implemented error.
  • Any problem in the installation of the MS Office can lead to the Not implemented error
  • Installation of the non-compatible add-ins or if there any fault in them can lead to this error.

Top-Solutions to Fix Outlook Not Implemented Error

Here, in this section of the blog we have shared some methods through which you can fix Not Implemented error, so let’s start by introducing our first method.

Re-Creation of an Outlook Profile

  • One of the major reasons behind the Outlook Send/Receive error is due to the improper creation of the Outlook profile. So our main focus in this method to fix the Not Implemented error is creating the Outlook profile once again. Steps have been shared below to create the Outlook profile which is as follows:-
  • First of all you need to go to the Control panel and from there you need to click on Mail.

recreation Outlook profile Step 1

  • In the Mail Setup window, click on Show Profiles.

recreation Outlook profile Step 2

  • To create a new Outlook profile, you must choose to click on Add button.

recreation Outlook profile Step 3

Next, you need to configure your profile according to your requirement.

Start Outlook in Safe Mode

This is another solution which will help you to fix Outlook Not Implemented error of the Outlook. So, you just need to restart your Outlook and it in the safe mode. To see the complete process how you can open the Outlook in the safe mode kindly see below:-

  • Click on the Start button which will open up the menu. Right-click on it and select Run.

recreation Outlook profile Step 4

  • After choosing the Run option your next task will be to mention Outlook.exe/safe. Then click on the OK button.

recreation Outlook profile Step 5

  • Open the Outlook program and check whether you will be able to send or receive the emails.

Re-create SRS file to correct Send/Receive Settings

Outlook uses SRS file to save the settings of the Outlook Send/Receive. Due to any instance the SRS file gets corrupted then it tends to cause problem which also results in Outlook Not Implemented error. So, you should look to re-create the SRS file.

  • Go to this location C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook\
  • The next task is to change the name of the pre-existing file which is Outlook.srs to any other name.
  • To see the Send/Receive is in place you must restart the Outlook.

Keeping Off Anti Virus Program

Users used to prefer using the antivirus software on their system, but they have the tendency to make alterations in the Send/Receive settings. This can lead to a disruption or delay in sending or receiving the emails. In order to get away from such a problem, it is recommended to disable the antivirus to streamline the sending and receiving of emails.

Repair Damaged PST file

A corrupted PST file can also be the reason for the Outlook Not Implemented error, so look to repair the corrupted PST file. Now to fix the corruption from PST you have two option whether to use Microsoft inbuilt utility Scanpst.exe or else third-party software. However, due to the numerous restriction of the ScanPST.exe we have only shared the insights of the third-party software.

Weeom Outlook PST Repair Software is the answer to all who looks for the solution to fix corruption issues from PST file. This tool is designed to fix corruption even from severely corrupted PST file. Using the software is so easier those users who don’t possess the technical knowledge can use it without facing issues.

Steps to Repair the Corrupted PST File

  • Open Weeom Outlook PST repair software and click on Add PST files. Then after right-click on the PST file and select all files in Outlook PST.

Weeom Outlook PST Repair Tool Step 1

  • Choose the required folder and also the sub-folder. After that press the Next button.

Weeom Outlook PST Repair Tool Step 2

  • There are two options given here which is to export in the already created PST or create new PST file. Use Browse to choose the location to save output file. After that click on Next.

Weeom Outlook PST Repair Tool Step 3

  • Here, you can apply the filter option based on different parameters. After applying the settings click on the Next button.

Weeom Outlook PST Repair Tool Step 4

  • In the Advanced option window, you can make use of the Folder mapping and its email translation option. Click on Ok to continue.

Weeom Outlook PST Repair Tool Step 5

  • After this, the software will start the process to repair the PST file.

Weeom Outlook PST Repair Tool Step 6

Wrapping Up

Well, there are multiple approaches through using them users can be able to solve the error. In this blog, we have discussed multiple ways to fix Not Implemented Error which users can use any of them. However, there is one way that is using the third-party software.

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