Weeom Exchange Migration Tool

Weeom Exchange Migration Tool is an all-in-one solution specifically built to cater Exchange migration needs. It enables quick and secure migration of EDB files, Outlook stores, Office 365 mailboxes, and Live Exchange Server mailboxes to another Live Exchange Server, Office 365, and Outlook PST. It simplifies migration to Exchange on-premises, hosted server, and cloud environments. This software enables a convenient GUI that makes it easy to handle for everyone. It is one of the top-notch Exchange migration tools with multiple features and options. Anyone can get an estimate of this tool before a license with its free demo version.

Client Rating: (Average Rating 4.9 Based on Reviews)

  • Quick and Careful Exchange server/Office 365 migration.
  • Support multiple mailboxes to add and migrate in a single shot.
  • Instant recovery of corrupted and inaccessible Priv. EDB and Pub. EDB files.
  • No bar in the size of the mailbox with adding and processing.
  • Simplifies the Exchange 2010 to 2016 migration, also can migrate Exchange 2013 to 2019.
  • Migrates Archive mailbox and public folder of Live Exchanger server/Office 365.
  • Complete migration of added mailboxes to Outlook PST.
  • Allows the user to save source mailboxes items into HTML, EML, MSG, RTF, vCard, etc.
  • Folder Mapping (automated and manual) feature to map source and target folders.
  • Allows resuming the interrupted process with the incremental export option. view more...
*The free demo version allows the migration of the first 50 items per folder.
DBX to PST Converter Box

Software Features

add multiple pst files

Add multiple mailboxes of any size

Source mailboxes can contain large amounts of data, which can make the migration more vulnerable to problems. Weeom Exchange Migration Tool makes it easy to add multiple mailboxes at once. It does not matter the size of the source mailboxes. This tool efficiently accomplishes error-free migration with excellence.

no size limit pst

Exchange to Exchange Migration

This solution migrates mailboxes from one Exchange server version to another (E.g., exchange 2010 to 2016 migration, migrate Exchange 2013 to 2019). Migrations can happen within the same domain (multiple/single exchanges versions) or between different on-premises and hosted Exchange environments. This Exchange migration tool facilitates automatic or manual mapping to make the migration effortless.

merge outlook pst

Migrate different Source Mailboxes to Exchange

Weeom Exchange migration tool simplifies this collaboration and supports the migration of other source mailboxes to Live Exchange. The source can be EDB files, Office 365 mailboxes, Outlook profile stores, Outlook PST (Also, Live Exchange mailboxes), etc.

merge all pst Items

Migration of Live Exchange Server to Office 365

This multi-tasking software enables the migration of the Live Exchange server to Office 365. It can migrate selected or entire mailboxes from Live Exchange Server to Office 365. This tool is convenient to migrate any version of Exchange Server (on-premises and hosted server) to Office 365. It preserves the actual data integrity and properties of Live Exchange Mailboxes to the target as before.

Splits file year

Migrate to Outlook PST

Weeom Exchange migration tool allows migrating added source files/mailboxes to Outlook PST. There is no hassle to migrate single or multiple mailboxes at a single shot to Outlook PST files. It facilitates a split option while migrating to Outlook PST. The user can provide a specific size for the resulting large PST to save it into multiple smaller PST files.

merge contacts

Transfer Archive mailbox and Public folder

This software provides various functionalities with a smooth and secure process. It facilitates to migration Archive mailbox and Public folder of one Live Exchange/Office 365 to another. It does not harm any data and provides a decent result.

support outlook

Preview Mailbox Items

It enables previewing the properties of added mailbox items. The user needs to select a mailbox item, and the software displays the selected item's body, properties, attachments, and recipients in the Preview section before migration. Also, it allows users to save attachments of that particular email individually.

user friendly

Export with Incremental facility

When the running process is interrupted for some reason, and you start it again, it may get duplicate items on the target folder. In this situation, this efficient software has an advanced incremental export facility. Using the incremental export option, the software resumes the interrupted process by eliminating the previously exported items. It is beneficial to conserve processing time and prevent duplication.

displayed the process

Filter items option

Weeom Exchange Migration Tool allows a filter option. Users can filter items by message class or item date while exporting/migrating. It facilitates the transfer of specific items of the added mailbox to the target, making it suitable for migrating necessary data.

free evaluation version

Advanced options

This professional tool has more advanced options like folder mapping and email translation to complete migrations with excellence.

  • Folder Mapping: This option is for mapping the folders of the source to the target when migrating email messages. The user can create a new custom folder to move the item to an available source folder. Also, it allows doing this using a CSV file.
  • Email Translation: The Software allows this option to replace the canonical naming convention with the target server's SMTP email address.
displayed the process

Log Report

Weeom Exchange Migration Tool allows the user to save log reports to analyze the migration process in the last step. The log report helps to provide complete details of the entire migration from one Exchange mailbox to another. Users can use this report for further reference.

free evaluation version

Free Evaluation version

The evaluation version of this tool helps you test out the full features and options before licensing it. It enables free results for the first 50 items per folder, making it easy to comprehend all of the processing actions of the tool

Why do administrators want to do Exchange migration?
  • Users always have access to Microsoft's latest updates on the Exchange server. The Exchange migration is required to upgrade services and data from an older version to an upper or latest version.
  • When the organization wants to upgrade an Exchange Server environment such as on-premises or hosted, Exchange migration may be necessary.
  • Keeping track of new regulations can be difficult for any organization. Exchange migration can help provide better regulatory compliance by creating more proper accountability. It makes it easy to track differences and provides segments.
  • Exchange Migration provides enhanced security with on-premises Active Directory/Exchange integration and leverages scalability and flexibility.
What Do Users expect from an Exchange Migration tool?
  • Users expect the Exchange migration tool should be user-friendly and secure.
  • Anyone does not want any interruption in migration, failure, or data loss using the professional Exchange migration tools.
  • The user desires a solution that allows a demonstration before getting a full version of the software.
  • Exchange migration tools must have beneficial features that make the migration hassle-free without any restrictions.
Why Weeom Exchange migration tool is the best over others?
  • This solution is a multiple-tasking that migrates different versions of the Exchange server, such as exchange 2010 to 2016 migration, migrate Exchange 2013 to 2019, Source Mailboxes to Outlook PST migration, and Exchange to Office 365 migration.
  • Weeom Exchange migration tool has beneficial features and options like Folder Mapping (automatic and manual), Email Translation, Incremental export, Split option (for PST), and more.
  • This Exchange migration tool does not affect the data integrity and the structure of folder, and it assures zero impact on data during the whole process.
  • Since the users always want to check the tool before investing, this tool allows a free demo version with the process of the first 50 items per folder.
Software Comparison
Software Features Trial Version Full Version
Add Multiple EDB File in Source yes yes
Add Exchange Server Mailboxes in Source yes yes
Add Office365 Mailboxes in Source yes yes
Add Outlook Profile Multiple Mailboxes (Stores) in Source yes yes
Add Live Exchange and Office 365 Public Folder in Source yes yes
Add Live Exchange and Office 365 Archive Mailboxes in Source yes yes
Search Items in Source yes yes
Export and Saving items From Source First 50 items/Folder All Items(No Limitation)
100% Secure yes yes
Support all Microsoft Outlook Version yes yes
Support all Microsoft Exchange Server Version yes yes
24x7 Free Technical Support (By - Live Chat, Emails, Contact-Us Form) yes yes
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Awards and Reviews

It is the best migration tool for Exchange to Exchange and Exchange to Office 365. The most significant facility in the tool is selective migration. I can migrate selected data to Office 365 effortlessly.


Being a software expert, I look for only technically efficient products for migration. Weeom Exchange Migrator impressed me with its smooth and flawless performance. I have migrated a good number of mailboxes from one Exchange server to another without any hassle.


Full points to the efficiency of this migration tool. A simple user interface of this software allows migration of source mailboxes to the respected target with ease."


Pleasant experience with Weeom Exchange migration software! I smoothly upgraded to Exchange 2019. This tool is superb for its advanced and user-centric functionalities. I recommend it as the best tool for Exchange migration or upgrade.



- Steps for Exchange migration-

  1. Firstly, install the Weeom Exchange migration tool on your system.
  2. From the ribbon bar, choose Add Source action.
  3. Select the "EDB file" option.
  4. Browse and select the EDB file from the local storage.
  5. Set a temp path and click the finish button.
  6. All the selected EDB files will list in the tool's folder view section.
  7. After that, select the target “Live Exchange” from the ribbon bar.
  8. Now, from the folder list, check/uncheck the folders accordingly. Click on Next.
  9. Next, select the "Fetch All Mailboxes from Outlook or Active Directory," then provide the domain name, User email, and Password. Click Next.
  10. For further processing, use the options to Map Mailbox, Validate the Target and click on the Next.
  11. From the filter wizard, use the filter on the Process Message Class and Process Item Date basis, then click on Next.
  12. It will start the actual migration and display a complete report in the status window.
  13. You will receive a pop-up message "Process Completed Successfully."
  14. Moreover, save the complete report for your further usage.
  15. After all, click on Finish to exit the screen.

Yes, the Weeom Exchange migration tool has been so effectively programmed that it allows you to migrate Exchange to Exchange with an entire database that simultaneously includes primary mailboxes, public folder, archive mailbox, etc

Sure, there is no need to take backup of a data. Because it is a secure software as it assures 100% safety of source data throughout the migration. However, we suggest you always have at least one backup copy of your important data.

Yes, it supports the migration of Public folders with all the from both Live Exchange Server and Office 365.

Yes, the user can evaluate this Exchange migration tool. With the free trial version, users can test it that migrate the first 50 items per folder for free. It is suitable to get a fair idea about the migratory before licensing.