Weeom PST Splitter Tool

The Weeom Outlook PST Splitter is a superb program for splitting PST files. It can deal with large, oversized PST files. Microsoft Outlook allows a limit on the size of PST files to be stored. Whereas in Outlook 2003 and 2007, 20 G.B. is a limit for PST files. After upgrading the version in Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, and Outlook 2019, this has been increased to 50 G.B. Large-sized PST can get corrupt, causing data loss. So this tool comes in handy to help users of M.S. Outlook to get rid of PST corruption or uncertainty in its operation. This utility supports both Unicode and ANSI PST types and splits them efficiently and safely. A demo version is provided with full features to split PST files free for the first 50 items per folder.

Client Rating: (Average Rating 4.5 Based on Reviews)

  • A simple user interface(GUI) to be easily manageable for everyone (even non-technical ones).
  • Options to Split PST file 1) By folder, 2) By size, 3) By date, and 4) By year.
  • Large PST is split into specific smaller sizes with no restrictions.
  • Split PST also password protected PST files (a password is required to add password-protected PST files).
  • Tool Split PST file into new multiple PST files (the size provided by users).
  • It Creates separate PST files for multiple date ranges.
  • Also, Creates single PST files for each selected date range.
  • Maintains integrity of data thoroughly when splitting PST.
  • Displays the PST file details, which help users to split PST files parallelly.
  • Well-suited to operate in all versions of Windows OS. view more...
*Free demo version will split first 50 items per folder to assure.
Weeom PST Splitter Box

Key features of Weeom Outlook PST Splitter tool

Split outlook

Split Outlook PST Size Instantly

Weeom PST Splitter Tool comes with three simple steps: Select PST files from stored location -> Apply Split option -> Save to Target. These simple and easy steps make it efficient to split PST files into multiple PST files in just a few minutes. Large PST gets split instantly without changing the integrity and accuracy of PST files.

password protected

Password-protected PST files Split

This efficient PST splitter can split password-protected PST files as well. The software asks to provide a valid password when the user selects the password-protected PST files to add them. The tool does not matter how diverse and complex the password is.

pst split file

PST split by file size

This tool comes in handy to split PST files as per the size provided by the users. It allows users to split PST size-wise; older Outlook versions allow 20 GB PST file limit, while Outlook versions 2010 and the latest version have a PST file size limit of 50 G.B. Users can provide size by M.B. or G.B. by choosing size criteria MB/GB from the dropdown.

Splits file date

Splits PST by Date-Wise

When users need to split PST files by date, this tool provides an option to Split PST File by Date with the date range. This utility allows users to select a date range to split PST files date-wise. Even users can select multiple date ranges and split PST files date-wise. It provides options to save PST as per selected date range; users can choose "Create single PST file for multiple date range" or "Create separate PST file for each date range".

Splits file year

Year-Wise Split PST File

This PST splitter is convenient to split PST files by year range. Users can select a single or multiple ranges to split PST files year-wise. In the year range option, users can save newly created PST as Create a single file for multiple Year Ranges or Create a separate PST file for each Year Range. It splits a PST file year-wise after asking about the date range.

Split pst folders

Split by PST folders

Weeom PST Splitter allows users to split PST files according to size like Tasks, Calendar, Sent Folder, Inbox Folder, etc. There are options where users prefer to save the split PST as 'Selected folders in a single PST' or 'Selected folders in a separate multiple PST'. This option is convenient for the users to split the folder-wise PST data according to the single or separated folders.

preserve meta data

Preserve Meta Data Integrity

It is an efficient utility to split PST files of any size instantly. Moreover, this tool provides a secure solution that provides a complete split PST file result. It preserves the data integrity and structure of PST folders and maintains the metadata of the item/email, such as item, bcc, from, to, and date/time.

User oriented

User-Oriented and Intuitive GUI

PST Splitter software is built with advanced algorithm. It is also easy for everyone due to its intuitive Geographic User Interface. Easy to use, even for non-technical people with no prior learning. All the steps and actions are easy to understand and perform. Anyone need not be concerned about any hiccups arising out of its usage.


Compatible with Windows & Outlook versions

This well-organized tool enables the users to add PST files from any version of Outlook. Users can add Unicode and ANSI PST files as this tool supports PST even from older and latest Outlook versions like Outlook 2000 to 2019/Office 365. Furthermore, this tool comes in handy to install and perform tasks in all the versions of Windows (32-bit & 64-bit operating systems).

free trial

Free Demonstration – the First 50 items/folder

Weeom Solutions always cares about the fulfilment of users. The PST Splitter software by Weeom comes with a free trial version for the users to evaluate the tool before making any purchase. By estimating all the respective features in the tool, the trial version also provides a result for the first 50 PST items per folder. It makes it easy for users to upgrade the free version to the full version after fulfilment.

Why Users Require to split PST files:

There are some instances when users need to split PST files, such as:

  • Actions like- Outlook application may freeze, large size PST files and large-size data may corrupt PST files. It is necessary to split PST files to avoid such corruption and inaccessibility.
  • Creating a split sizable PST file can help boost the performance of Outlook applications and organize the resulting data storage in PST file folders.
  • Users want to split the large PST into smaller files at regular intervals. It is also suitable for Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 versions of PST files, which enable a maximum PST file size of 20-GB due to the performance issues in Outlook.
Users Expectations with a PST Splitter Tool
  • Users will want a PST splitter that is easy to use for any size with many options for splitting PST files.
  • One of the expectations by the users must be a solution that separates multiple folders, so they can find them easily.
  • The tool should provide an accurate PST splitting result without loss of data integrity or missing a bit of data.
  • That tool provides a status report of the splitting process where users can find the data availability in the new target PST folder.
Why Choose Weeom PST Splitter?
  • Weeom PST Splitter is easy to use & provides a picture-perfect solution with just three easy steps.
  • This tool comes with many advanced PST partitioning options and folder separation capability.
  • It allows the PST file to be split, even if it is externally password protected. By providing a valid password, the user can add it to the tool and split it with any desired option.
  • The tool is completely safe and works seamlessly with no hassle.
  • It offers a fully functional demo version with the first 50 items/email split of PST. Check before purchase.
Software Comparison
Software Features Trial Version Full Version
Add PST File yes yes
Process Items First 50 items/Folder All Items(No Limitation)
100% Secure yes yes
Support all Microsoft Outlook Version yes yes
24x7 Free Technical Support(By - Live Chat, Emails, Contact-Us Form) no no
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Our Clients Reviews

Excellent tool! I could not access and use a PST file in my Outlook because of its size, causing a storage error. When I learned there were concerns about the size of my PST file, I analyzed and used the Weeom PST Splitter Tool. I think this solved all my problems and also the support team is very polite.

James Jorden

Thanks to Weeom! I had a large password-protected PST file that was not accessed in Outlook. I decided to split it and found this split PST tool. It is a great tool, and it has all the functions that the users need to manage the data of PST files as per the specifications.

Maria Kent

I appreciate this tool for doing my tasks simply and keeping my PST file in the folders where I need it. I must say that this is the best solution provider if you want to split your PST file and boost your Outlook performance; thank You, team Weeom!.

Clark Bwo

Great solution! This tool is the best solution, as I used it to split my PST file. Use this tool which seems to be a simple action to implement, and you get a perfect result for splitting PST.

Mark daniel

  1. Once Installed, then Run this PST Splitter Software.
  2. Now, browse and add the PST file (If password protected, provide a password when the Tool asks).
  3. Then, Click the Next button.
  4. The Tool will create a prone folder hierarchy for a quick scan.
  5. Choose the target folder from the left pane where you want to save PST after the split.
  6. Select any split criteria by size, date, or year, and click Next.
  7. Provide the required details (check earlier details and steps).
  8. Now, the Tool provides a result, the selected massive PST file will be split into small PST files.

It works perfectly with password-protected PST files. You need to provide a valid password for the PST file when the Tool asks for it, and you will get a correct result as well.

This Tool works with healthy PST files only. It assures healthy PST files are secure while using it to split them. However, if you want to split corrupt PST, you can use the Weeom PST repair tool to make that file healthy, and then you can use this splitter to split it into smaller files.

It is very easy to estimate this Tool before purchasing a license. This splitter tool is also available in a demo version which can split the first 50 items per email/folder. The free demo version of this utility comes to evaluate all the respective features in the full version. Moreover, you can reach our technical experts via Live Chat on the website page.

Absolutely, yes. Weeom development team is involved in developing robust software solutions and implementing new features on its launched solution as per the requirement of the users and the market. Thus, once users have purchased a license and there is an update to the software, they will notify to update the new version.