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Merging PST files into one without affecting the folder structure. It's safe and quick. Our PST merge software to join the PSTs is compatible with PST files generated by any versions of Microsoft Outlook. The tool makes it easy and safe to combine the PST files that are in Unicode or ANSI format. The process to merge multiple PST files into a single PST is a breeze with this method. The free demo version makes it easy for users to analyze how to combine PST files.

Client Rating: (Average Rating 4.9 Based on Reviews)

  • Even those without a technical background will have no trouble using a user-friendly interface.
  • Join and Merge several MS Outlook data files (PST) into one.
  • Mail, contacts, calendar, notes, tasks, and more may be seamlessly combined.
  • Numerous options are available to combine more than one PST files altogether. The options are: merge, join and merge contacts folder.
  • Allows users to merge both PST types; Unicode PST and ANSI PST.
  • Option to exclude duplicate items in the new PST file
  • Add PST folder and merge all its files into one new PST file instantly.
  • Supports all versions of Windows OS (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • It completes the process without affecting data integrity or PST structure.
  • Free Demo edition merges the first fifty items from each PST into one. view more...
*The Free Demo version allows you to merge and save up to 50 items/folders.
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Key features of Weeom Outlook PST Merge Software

add multiple pst files

Easily select and add multiple PST files

Weeom PST File Merger makes it simple to select and combine several PST files. This functionality allows you to locate several PST files that are stored in different locations of your local storage. The flip side is that the software supports simultaneous uploads of numerous files.

no size limit pst

No size limit on PST

This PST merge tool will make managing and merging your PST files a breeze, regardless of their size. This software will ensure that the joining and merging process goes well. No matter how big or small a PST file is, it will work.

merge outlook pst

Merge PST Files Instantly

The PST merge tool comes with three simple steps- Select multiple desired PST files from stored location -> Apply Merge options-> Save the resultant files to Target. These simple and direct steps make it proficient at merging and joining multiple PST files into a single PST file in just a few actions. The number of PST files gets combined instantly without impacting the integrity and accuracy of Outlook data files.

merge all pst Items

Merge All PST Items with Merge Option

As a powerful tool for merging several PST files, it allows users to aggregate all of their data from many PST folders into a single data file. No changes will be made to the PST data when you merge multiple PST files using this software. Among these are calendars, contacts, emails, and more. When combining PST files, users can choose to exclude duplicate and deleted items of PST file while merging them.

Splits file year

Option to Join all PST files

It can combine PST files. This function allows you to merge PST files that include data in different folders. The software creates a new.pst file to combine all of the data from the PST files. It takes the information from the old PST files and makes a new PST file with different folders to hold all of it. The tool keeps the folder name constant so that it can merge all the objects in a specific folder.

merge contacts

Merge Contacts of multiple PST files

Merging a user's contacts from many PST files into one is another feature of this PST Files Merger software. The contact details from many PST files can be merged into one bigger file with this feature. The merging of PST files has no effect on the contact folder's Meta properties, and the result is flawless.

support outlook

Support Outlook & Windows OS (All versions)

Weeom PST Files Merger is a robust solution as it supports PST files from all Outlook versions, be it ANSI and UNICODE. It is compatible with working in all versions of Windows OS. You can install it on your system; even Windows OS is the old version or the latest version.

user friendly

User-Friendly and simple User interface

Complex algorithms are utilized by this application. Due to its simple graphical user interface, anyone can use it with without any support. Merging PST files is a breeze with this tool; no technical expertise is necessary.

displayed the process

Displayed the process status report

It is an all-inclusive solution to merge PST file. The screen that shows the process's status log is displayed. At the end of the process, you can utilize this tool to store the report for later. The report contains comprehensive information on all objects, including those that have been processed, failed, filtered, and even organized into target folders.

free evaluation version

Free evaluation version

Weeom PST File Merger's free version is easy to use and provides an overview of the software features. For the first fifty items in each PST folder, the trial version tests the capabilities of each function. Everyone may easily grasp the process steps required to use a licensed version.

Common Reasons why Outlook users require to combine multiple PST files:

There are some instances when users want to merge and join multiple PST files in a single PST file, such as:

  • If users have multiple accounts in Outlook and need to access all their essential data, in this case, the only solution is to merge all PST data files into a single PST.
  • Merging multiple PST files from different Outlook version makes it easy to backup their data in a simple PST file with the particular folder. Furthermore, the users may desire to merge ANSI PST files with Unicode PST files into a single PST to access the latest Outlook versions.
  • The user is often required to share or transfer the PST with others. However, this task becomes challenging when users have multiple PST files. Hence, merging PST files into one is the solution to eliminate such situations, making it easy to share and transfer.
Users' Expectations with a specialized Outlook PST files merger
  • Users would desire a PST file merger that is easy to operate with various options to merge and join PST files with any size of PST.
  • One of the users' wishes should be a solution that efficiently merges multiple PST files by keeping their data along with existing different folders in a single PST.
  • The PST files merger should be privileged to provide a fast and secure PST merging/joining result without affecting data integrity or missing data.
  • Users want to get progress information while merging PST files and post-merge, where users can see all the happing in their data.
Why use PST files merger from Weeom over others?
  • Weeom PST Merge Software is a top-end solution that merges and joins PST files with a few easy steps.
  • This tool comes with three options to combine two or more than two PST files. The options are: merge, join and merge contacts folder.
  • It is an entirely secure solution and assures zero impact on data integrity and properties during the process
  • Weeom PST Files Merge software is available in a free demo version with fully functional estimation with the process of the first 50 items per folder. Users can be sure to operate steps by evaluating the software's performance before investing.
Software Comparison
Software Features Trial Version Full Version
Add Multiple PST Files yes yes
Process Items First 50 items/Folder All Items(No Limitation)
100% Secure yes yes
Support all Microsoft Outlook Version yes yes
24x7 Free Technical Support (By - Live Chat, Emails, Contact-Us Form) no no
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Awards and Reviews

Wonderful software! I was unable to manage my PST files across four Outlook accounts. This PST Merger helped me to merge all PST data into a single PST file with excellence, and now I am using that PST for multiple purposes.


I thank Weeom Solutions! I had many PST files, and challenging to manage them on my different systems; I decided to merge them and find this PST files merger software. It is excellent as it works smoothly, and it serves the requirement of users to keep the items of multiple PST files in a single PST.


I admire this software solution for simplifying the numbering of my PST files to have one PST file in a folder where I need it. I wanted to recommend this software to those wishing to merge their PST files and manage Outlook data in a single PST.


Merging and joining Outlook data files with others were never before was more accessible and safer. Weeom PST Merge software is a superb solution accessible for all to use for joining and merging multiple PST files from different folders.


  1. Download, install and run the Weeom PST merge Tool.
  2. Now, using the Add button, navigate to the stored PST files folder or use the search button to browse PST files anywhere in the local drive.
  3. Select all the desired files and click on open files.
  4. There is an option to remove files from the list; otherwise, click on the Next button.
  5. Now, browser and set the target folder where you want to store that merged PST data in the local drive.
  6. You can give a name to the PST files and store or go with the default names.
  7. Use any options as you want: Join PST Files, Merge PST Files, or Merge PST Contacts.
  8. You can exclude duplicate and deleted items.
  9. After performing all the above actions, click Next to initiate the processing.
  10. Eventually, the software provides a result of selecting multiple PST files merged into single PST files.

This tool works no matter what version of Outlook you have PST files (ANSI or Unicode). It works compatible with data files of old and latest Outlook and provides a correct result. You can access merged PST in all the versions of Outlook.

Yes, it allows a free trial version, making it easy to evaluate before purchasing a license. You can test all its functions, and with its trial version, you will get results for the first 50 items per folder.

User don't need to feel concern about its updates and any implementation. We notify users of all software updates at the email address provided while purchasing the license. Users can easily upgrade their previously purchased software with new updates at no extra cost.

The Weeom PST File Merge Tool is capable to add PST file without having size restriction. After purchasing the license, you can run any size of PST files to merge and join in a single PST file with this software.